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The guitar tutor, Steven Randell

Guitar lessons to motivate and inspire, created just for you. 

I run guitar lessons for guitarists of all abilities, from absolute beginners to those with a few years’ playing under their fingers. I tailor every lesson to each student’s unique needs, to make sure they’re effective and enjoyable. My goal is to make sure all my students are relaxed and comfortable enough to develop at their own speed. Get in touch to find out how I can be your ideal guitar tutor!

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Tim Cross

Steve is absolutely brilliant. His approach is different to previous teachers we have worked with. He really encourages musical creativity with the discipline of technical work. Steve provides lots of extra work for them to work through that goes well beyond the standard. Would thoroughly recommend
Steven Randell, guitar teacher, Bromley

Hello, I'm Steven Randell

I'm a guitar tutor. Here’s my approach to teaching:

Every lesson I deliver is planned, reflecting the pride I take in preparing for each student. I devote ample time to ensure that every session is tailored to their specific needs.


With limited hours in a day, I prioritise building strong, trusting relationships with a select number of students. This allows me to dedicate the time and attention they deserve, ensuring a personalised learning experience that goes beyond the limitations of a crowded schedule.


Teaching is not a side-hustle for me; it's my true calling. I am committed to maintaining a full schedule by delivering exceptional lessons that generate repeat business through recommendations from satisfied students.


I value the connection formed between the student and me. Consequently, I don’t run group sessions. By focusing on one-on-one interactions, I create an environment that fosters deeper learning, benefiting both the student and me.


No two lessons are alike. I celebrate and embrace the individuality and musicianship of each player, allowing their talents to shine through a personalised approach.


It’s my responsibility to keep students motivated and inspired. Each week, I introduce fresh material, ensuring that the student remains enthusiastic about their musical journey. It’s much easier to work with committed players!


My music room is a sanctuary in which we laugh off our mistakes. It's a comfortable space in my family home, where students can relax and thrive, knowing their learning experience is nurtured in a supportive atmosphere.


I believe in open communication with parents, valuing their involvement in their child's musical progress. I provide regular updates and maintain a transparent line of communication. Feedback is not only welcomed but cherished, as it helps me continually improve my teaching methods.

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Guitar lessons that put you centre stage

"What's it like to be your student?"

What will I learn?

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Each player should be versatile. You'll become as comfortable playing fingerstyle as you are using a pick. You’ll strum along to songs with a deeper understanding of rhythm. You’ll improvise a solo that catches the listener’s attention. You’ll pick up as much theory as you can handle and understand notation to demystify the language of music.


With enough practice, you'll be a more rounded, expressive and motivated musician.

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What happens in a lesson?

Each lesson lasts for an hour in which we cover as much as possible. I have found that my students learn best within a structured, busy session. One week we might kick off with some improv, move on to rhythm, then switch to fingerstyle technique. The next we might learn how to write chord progressions or practice a performance piece. There is a solid structure underpinning the process but it's important to have fun along the way.

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What will I take away?

At the end of each session, I’ll give you new materials and exercises to keep you motivated and busy until the next lesson. All these materials are bound together into a book that grows each week and accompanies you to each lesson.


I’ll set up a WhatsApp group to distribute backing tracks or materials to the student and help communicate with parents. Sometimes I’ll send inspirational videos of great guitarists: maybe a brilliant female guitarist to inspire the young women who learn with me. Or a great blues player I feel will help spark the interest of my students.

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Where are the lessons held?

I'm in Bickley, BR2.

I teach from the music room in the family home, with regular visits from an endlessly curious, overly friendly Labrador called Zelda. Guitars and pictures line the walls and the room is as welcoming, warm and fun as the lessons. It’s a safe space in which we can express ourselves comfortably.

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What's the vibe?

Lessons need to be as relaxed as possible. We’ll embrace our mistakes as part of the process. Learning the guitar isn’t straightforward. We all hit bumps in the roads or crash into a few hurdles. But together we’ll get up, dust ourselves down and then sprint off to the next challenge.

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When do you teach?

11am - 8pm weekdays

10am - 1pm Saturdays

How much are guitar lessons?
£35 per hour
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Steven Randell
07740 621 832

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